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Welcome to our Gallery
We work on Powerstroke, Cummins and Duramax at our Diesel Shop, we also like to share some of our work. From headstuds, transmission builds, Cab-offs, Perfomance builds and more to the basic oil changes and routine tune-ups. Check it out!

Head Studs

Cab offs and Motor Builds

Out with the Old Tubro...

in with the new! Upgraded Turbo!

Did we mention that we Hot Flush our transmission coolers?

Brent has his Transmission table organized and ready whenever you need a rebuild!

You need Performance? We built this Twin Turbo from the ground up!

Just another Complete Motor build ready to be dropped in.

Have a mysterious oil leak? We can find it!

Jeffy is torquing everything to spec! Good job Jeff!

We do it all here, out with the old front bumper.

In with the new front bumper!

Out with the old bumper and looking good with this aftermarket bumper.

Lift Kit and Wheels installed, ready to roll!

Typical 4R100 Transmission Overhaul

Top: Upgraded Heavy Duty 43 Element Intermediate Sprag from the (bottom) 34 Element sprag.

Re-enforcing the Reverse drum with a little welding!

Machining Pressure Plates to add extra clutches, another nstandardv procedure for our Tranmission Builds!

A view of the clutches, including the extras, that will go into one of our builds here at DI Performance.

Building a 6.4 with these Carillo Rods and new pistons.

Built 6.4 Short Block

Another angle of the 6.4 Build.

Yet another angle with more parts yet to be installed in the background.

ARP Headstuds for this 6.4 Build.

Nice and shiny, new heads will be installed soon.